Pet Memorial Round Ornament


Cherish the memory of your cherished furry friend with our Personalized Pet Memorial Ornament, crafted to pay tribute to the special bond you shared. This elegant keepsake can be personalized with your beloved pet's name, serving as a heartfelt reminder of their unconditional love and companionship.

Hang this ornament proudly on your tree, creating a place of honor for your pet's memory during the holiday season and throughout the year. It's a beautiful way to celebrate the joy, laughter, and love they brought into your life.

Share this meaningful ornament with fellow pet lovers as a thoughtful gesture of support or keep it close as a cherished memento. Your pet's memory lives on in every wag of the tail and every paw print on your heart.

Kindly send a photo to with your order number.  I will send a proof for confirmation before I make the ornament.

Pet Memorial Round Ornament Details:

- Lightweight aluminum or heavier white porcelain (ceramic) ornament
- Approximately 3" circle
- Glossy finish design is printed on BOTH sides
- Created with a permanent heat transfer process producing a permanent design
- Satin ribbon included for hanging
- Packaged in a small square gift box