About Us

Welcome to Zookaboo

Zookaboo is where everyday moments meet personalized perfection. I'm passionate about turning your morning coffee ritual or evening tea time into a cherished experience. My journey began with the idea that a simple mug could become a vessel of memories, warmth, and joy. 

My love of coffee led me to offering coffee mugs. I wanted to offer a way for people to express themselves, celebrate their relationships, and make every sip a moment to remember.  My collection has grown to other drinkware like wine tumblers and travel mugs and other giftables like the fun popular sequin pillows.

Crafted with Love

At Zookaboo, I am dedicated to delivering not just mugs but personalized works of art. Each one is carefully chosen and handcrafted with love and attention to detail. Your mugs are made to last, designed to bring warmth and comfort to your daily routine for years to come.

Thank you for choosing Zookaboo to be a part of your daily life. We're here to make your mornings cozier, your afternoons sweeter, and your evenings warmer. Cheers to making memories, one sip at a time! ☕🌟


1. My naturally all-over-the-place curly hair is how I get spotted in a crowd.
2. I picked up the flute about 15 years ago (bucklet list item) and continue to play with a local
community band.
3. I love rollercoasters, dancing, coffee, decadent desserts, and camping.
4. I am a big softie when it comes to animals.
5. I married my secret high school crush after hunting him down online over 10 years after
6. I helped my dad find his birth mother. He was born in 1951, and since his parents were not
married, they were forced to give him up. Around 2007, I began searching for his parents and
found his mom about 2 years into that search. His dad had passed 2 years earlier. At the age of
60, he got to hug his mama for the first time (she was living just 30 minutes from us), and my dad fell head over heels in love with her. We had 3 glorious years with her before she passed. She had shared with me that she never got to see him nor hold him. I still remember when the
connection was made, and I called my dad late at night and asked him if he was sitting down.
Other than having my children, this is THE highlight of my life.