Dogs Books Coffee Glass Jar with Handle


This charming Frosted Glass Mason Jar Tumbler with Handle is the perfect companion for those who adore the simple joys in life – dogs, books, and coffee. This delightful tumble is a must-have for any dog lover and coffee enthusiast.

Whether you're curled up with a good book, enjoying the company of your furry friend, or sipping on a comforting cup of coffee, this mason jar tumbler is the ideal vessel for those cherished moments. Its generous size accommodates a variety of drinks, from iced coffees to herbal teas, making it a versatile and beloved addition to your drinkware collection.

Give the gift of coziness and charm to the dog-loving bookworm or coffee connoisseur in your life. Our Frosted Glass Mason Jar Tumbler is a delightful expression of the simple pleasures that make every day a little brighter. Cheers to dogs, books, coffee, and the joy they bring!

The glass is dishwasher safe, but I recommend hand washing. The silver plated screw on lids should be hand washed. Do not let lids soak for long periods of time.

Dogs Books Coffee Glass Jar with Handle Details:

Holds 12 oz of your favorite beverage.
Measurements of Frosted Glass Mason Jar: 2 5/8” diameter x 5” height
Graphics are printed onto the glass creating a smooth and long-lasting design