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Most Likely To Christmas Mug


Show off your holiday spirit with our Christmas Ceramic Coffee Mug Collection, featuring delightful phrases like 'Most Likely to Eat Santa's Cookies' and 'Most Likely to Watch All the Football Games.' These mugs are the perfect blend of festive fun and personality, making them fantastic gifts for family, close circle of friends, and even workplace buddies. Share a cup of cheer, a dash of humor, and warm memories with loved ones this Christmas season.

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Most Likely To Mug Details:

* 11 or 15oz white ceramic mug
* graphic is printed on both sides
* microwave and dishwasher (top rack) safe
* created in small batches by me

 Most Likely To:
  1. To Ask Santa To Define Good
  2. To Eat Santa's Cookies
  3. To Shake the Presents
  4. To Shake the Gifts
  5. To Get Sassy with Santa
  6. To Break an Ornament
  7. To Watch all the Christmas Movies
  8. To Wake up First
  9. To Spike the Eggnog
  10. To Deck the Halls
  11. To Spread Christmas Cheer
  12. To Be on the Naughty List
  13. To Be Santa's Favorite
  14. To Get Lit
  15. To Get the Most Presents
  16. Peek Under the Christmas Tree
  17. To Drink all the Wine
  18. To Sell Santa Insurance
  19. To Be Late for Christmas
  20. To Shoot the Reindeer
  21. To Sing the Christmas Songs
  22. To Be on the Nice List
  23. To Stay Home
  24. To Re-Gift their Presents
  25. To Know all the Christmas Song Lyrics
  26. To Steal Santa's Sleigh
  27. To Kiss Under the Mistletoe
  28. To Have a Christmas Party
  29. To Drink Santa's Beer
  30. To Get their Tinsel in a Tangle
  31. To Trade Brother for Gifts
  32. To Trade Sister for Gifts
  33. To be Lit as AF
  34. To Get Drunk
  35. To Get Run Over by a Reindeer
  36. To Miss Xmas While Gaming
  37. To Fall Asleep First
  38. To Crash Santa's Sleigh
  39. To Be Making Tik Toks
  40. To Not Know and Not Care
  41. To Eat Santa's Cookies
  42. To Eat the Cookies
  43. To Want to Hang with My Friends
  44. To Be the Cutest
  45. To Blame it on the Elves
  46. To Watch all the Football Games
  47. Taking and Pouring Shots
  48. To Do all the Christmas Baking
  49. Custom - I can do a custom short (like above list) phrase. 

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