Personalized Floral Bunny Camp Cup


Surprise your little one this Easter with a cute personalized cup, adorned with an adorable bunny surrounded by pink flowers. The perfect blend of whimsy and practicality, this charming cup is not only a delightful addition to their camping gear but also a magical Easter gift that promises to make every outdoor adventure even more special.

Weighing just 10 oz, this stainless steel cup is designed for little hands, making it easy for them to carry and enjoy their favorite beverages during outdoor escapades. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, this camping cup is built to withstand the energy and excitement of little adventurers, ensuring it remains a cherished companion for many outdoor journeys.

Personalized Floral Bunny Camp Cup Details:

* 10 oz white enamel mug
* graphic is printed on both sides
* created in small batches by me

* All enamel mugs should be handwashed and dried immediately to avoid rust
* Not microwave safe
* One photo shows the mug in comparison to my 11 oz and 15 oz ceramic mugs that I carry


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